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Pay attention to these matters when using wires and cables

2020-12-07 16:26:04 浙江立洲線纜股份有限公司 Viewd 1424

Wires and cables are a relatively large product in the power industry. Since the invention of power, various power products have also enriched and changed our lives. The cables produced by wire and cable manufacturers are used in electric power, information transmission, mechanical instrumentation and other industries. They are no longer only used in electric power products, but have broken through the requirements of traditional cables. In use, the cable can be overhead or buried, and the operation is mainly carried out according to the requirements of use, without affecting the product quality. Special attention should be paid to whether there are related signs on the surface of the wire and cable such as manufacturer, cable voltage and model to prevent counterfeiting products; also to look at the surface of the wire and the diameter of the conductor. Lines with smaller conductor cross-sections It is easy to generate heat and cause a short circuit, which affects the service life of the cable.

When wiring, be careful not to damage the wires. For electrical appliances with high power consumption, one wire should be installed separately, and the wiring should be standardized according to the product installation requirements of the wire and cable manufacturer.