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How to maintain cables

2020-12-07 16:24:32 浙江立洲線纜股份有限公司 Viewd 1449

For the maintenance of wires and cables, our wire and cable manufacturers divide them into six points:

1. Keep the surface clean and avoid damp, frost, heat and pressure. When the cable is damp, moisture can penetrate into the interior and break down the interior to reduce the insulation; when the cable is frozen, the hard rubber layer is prone to cracks and discharges; it is easy to absorb moisture and expand and deform when heated; the protective layer of the metal mesh layer is destroyed by pressure.

2. Prevent insulation oil bedroom cables from corroding rubber.

3. Excessive bending of the cable is prohibited. Excessive bending will concentrate the capacitive charge formed by the core wire and the metal mesh at the bend, resulting in leakage of electricity at the bend.

4. The filler in the high-voltage cable plug is mostly made of rosin or asphalt and paraffin insulating oil. It is often melted out at the end of the X-ray tube due to heat. It should be inspected and handled in time.

5. Always pay attention to the fixing ring at both ends of the cable to the X-ray tube, and whether the high voltage generator is fastened. If there is any abnormality, check it in time.

6. When the plug is found to be broken down, the core wire can be scraped out with a knife for the lighter one, and the new one must be replaced for the serious one.