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Common sense of cable purchase

2020-12-07 16:23:33 浙江立洲線纜股份有限公司 Viewd 1370

Cables are the main medium for power transmission. High-quality cables not only have a long service life, but also have a good power transmission effect. What are the common senses for purchasing cables? Wire and cable manufacturers to tell you.

When purchasing cables, one must check the CCC certification mark of the product. This is a national mandatory safety certification product. Any wire and cable manufacturer should obtain the CCC certification mark. Inspection reports are also the main basis for purchasing cables. Regular cable manufacturers will regularly accept quality inspections from relevant departments and obtain inspection reports from that department. This is the main basis for judging the quality of cables.

Excessive packaging makes people feel resistant to many products, but wire and cable manufacturers know that when purchasing high-quality cables, they must choose products with exquisite packaging and clear and complete surface printing. This represents the scale of the manufacturer and also judges the cable. An important aspect of pros and cons. Checking the appearance of the cable is also the focus of purchasing high-quality cables. The cables produced by regular cable manufacturers have a smooth appearance and uniform color.

In addition to the above four points, you must check the conductor and measure the length of the cable when purchasing the cable. High-level cables require shiny conductors, and the size and structure of conductors and DC resistance meet the relevant national requirements. The measurement length is judged according to the national standard cable length, 100 meters is the standard, and the error is about 0.5 meters.