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KVV 450/750V 7X1.5

Product Description:

Voltage level: 450/750V
Number of cores: 2~60 cores
Specification: 1~6mm2
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Additional Information

The control cable is a PVC insulated and PVC sheathed control cable suitable for use in industrial and mining enterprises, energy and transportation departments, and for control and protection circuits with AC rated voltages below 450/750 volts.

Performance difference: Power cables are used in the main line of the power system to transmit and distribute high-power electrical energy. The control cable directly transmits electrical energy from the power distribution point of the power system to the power connection lines of various electrical equipment and appliances. The rated voltage of power cables is generally 0.6/1kV and above, and control cables are mainly 450/750V. When power cables and control cables of the same specification are produced, the thickness of the insulation and sheath of the power cables is thicker than that of the control cables.

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